Molkki's Written Update for Today, January 29th, 2021: Priyu has been kidnapped

In the most recent episode of Molkki, Manas and Juhi ask Virender to apply Mehandi to Purvi’s hand once more. This time, they say, the true hue of Mehandi will emerge. Before going for their chamber, Virender agrees to their desire and kisses him. Virender thinks of Purvi while he stares at Mehandi. Purvi must be upset because of the hue, he realizes. Purvi hasn’t had a single happy moment since she arrived at this home, he believes once more. Virender walks into his room and looks at Purvi, who is asleep.

Virender claims that I constantly calling you Bawri, but I am the one who is actually insane. He claims that I forgot that every girl fantasizes about her wedding and husband. You, on the other hand, got nothing out of her decision. He says you can take Sakshi’s place in my life, but we can still start a friendship. He attempts to apply Mehandi to her hand and is eventually successful. Purvi is taken aback the next morning when she sees Mehandi in both of her hands. Meanwhile, both of the children approach her to hug her. Check more information about Molkki Watch Online.


She inquires as to who placed Mehandi to her hands, which she had removed the night before. Juhi withdrew the dry Mehendi from her palm, and the black color remained. Purvi agrees with Juhi that the hue is wonderful. He inquires as to who perpetrated the crime. Kala chor, Manas responds, pointing out Virender as the one who is asleep. Purvi smiles and thinks to herself, “If you don’t try harder, I won’t forgive you.” Purvi then noticed a backpack in Anjali’s room and deduced that she was on her way somewhere quickly. Purvi believes she is attempting to make other shambles in this house.

Anjali and Jyoti are attempting to carry out their evil scheme. Anjali believes that the game will be over quickly after the dancing performance. She claims she will not allow the marriage to be conducted in any case. She claims that no one will be satisfied in the end. She believes that at the end, everyone would be sad. Anjali, Jyoti, and Anjali attempt to capture Priyu. They administered chloroform to make Priyu lose her senses so that they could hide her. As the episode comes to a close, check back here at Social Telecast for a Mollki-written update on the next episode.